Flooring Commercial

Any company can install flooring. At Hammer Construction, we understand that when you pay for professional services, you expect professional results. It’s why we take the utmost pride in delivering an unparalleled shopping and installation experience from the moment you walk through our doors, with a keen eye on the quality of your flooring and the craftsmanship that goes into its installation. We’ll treat your business like we treat our home. We offer the service and expertise you need for your next flooring project are just around the corner.

We specialize in all types of flooring. Our talented teams of flooring installers can zero in on the unique techniques it takes to create a flawless, time-tested finish every time.

We understand how stressful a remodel can be. All of our skilled installers have been with Hammer Construction for years. Their work is art and can be seen in the unmatched craftsmanship of the finished floor. Combined with our high-level of quality control in selecting the products we offer, you can be assured of a perfect installation. Every time.